Discovering again the joy of reading

I am a reader at heart.  It started as a young only child, finding books to be wonderful companions, taking me on adventures, enriching my education, encouraging my soul. And when the Lord saved me his wonderful Word, the Bible, came to life and has provided me rich and nourishing food for my soul.

When i was in grad school i felt like i had read more than anyone need or want to, and vowed to take a hiattis from printed word, other than my bible.  But the truth is I love books… I can pour into a good book, and my bus ride is elevated to a respite of a half hour of joy.  Lunch is more than a meal and respite from the work day… Transported to a quiet place of encouragement, or as is the case right now, much like the conversation with an old friend who tells you things that are difficult but loving, encouraging and growth producing.

So what am i reading right now?  Ah, so glad you asked that. I have been a fan of Stasi Eldridge when i read her book “Captivating”, so when i learned she has a new book I quickly dug into my wallet and made the purchase of “Becoming myself” and waited for the package to arrive by mail.  Like a conversation with an old friend, the book has drawn me in.  Surprised by the clarity of understanding, and the simplicity of her thesis, I have only made it through half the book and found myself agreeing with much of it.

Stasi writes in an easy to read and honest manner, giving examples from life that are clear and a visual way of fleshing out the ideas of her book.  Becoming myself is a journey of letting go of the many things that prevent us from being what God designed us to be.  Wow, and there are a lot of things that do get in the way… wounds, as she calls them.  It is not long as a christian before we each discover the many ways that we have been wounded…. insecurity, rejection, disappointment, change of plans, loss of opportunity, loss of health, loss of the means, or just life in general comes hard at us.

While i am only half way through the book I knew I needed to make a mention of it, and encourage others to read it.  This book is not as intimate and in your face as her first book, Captivating, but there are moments when after ruminating on the chapter i have found myself moved, or emotional, or reflective.

I love the opportunity to be stretched, challenged to deeper life, and challenged to clean the closets of my life so that the real me can shine and flourish.  If you have the time, this one is worth it.  I will do a full review when i finish the read.



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