January 2 – Almighty

elAlmighty – ever powerful.  El.  The name for God comes with additional qualifying titles.  El alone is not used in scripture.  El is always accompanied by other words.  Here is a short list (by no means exhaustive) that might help illustrate how Almighty God indeed is:

  • El Echadthe One God, as found in Malachai 2:10.  Echad means one in Hebrew, and reminds us of the Shema, or theology point that “god is one”
  • El Hanne’eman – The Faithful God, as found in Deuteronomy 7:9.  Hanne’eman comes from aman, meaning to support or nourish
  • El Emet – The God of Truth, as found in Psalm 31:5.  Emet means firmness, faithfulness, reliability
  • El Tsaddik – The Righteous God, as found in Isaiah 45:21.  Tsaddik means just, or righteous
  • El Shaddai – The All Sufficient God, as fyound in 48 references in the old testament alone (including Gen 17:1, 28:3, 35:11, 43:14, 48:3, Exodus 6:3, Num 24:6, Ruth 1:20); There is alot written about this title, and the word Shaddai – Shad comes from the Hebrew for breast, however most translate this title to mean God Almighty because translators interpreted shad as overpowering or detroyer.  This title is used almost exclusively with reference to the three great patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) where they used this as the primary name of God.
  • El Elyon – The Most High God, found in Genesis 14:20 and Psalm 9:2; This title stresses God’s strength and supremacy.
  • El Olam – The Everlasting God, found in Genesis 21:33, Psalm 90:1-3m 93:2, Isaiah 26:4; Olam means world, universe, expanse of time and space
  • El Roi – The God Who Sees Me, found in Genesis 16:13, Used exclusively by Hagar, to speak of how God looked upon her affliction with compassion and understanding.
  • El Gibbor – The Mighty God, Isaiah 9:6, this is a picture of God as a Warrior and Champion.  Gibbor means strong and mighty.
  • El De’ot – The God of Knowledge, found in 1 Sam 2:3.  God has perfect knowledge of all things from the start to the finish.  We would also call this omniscient.
  • El Haggadol – The Great God, found in Deut. 10:17  When used about God, the word gadol means great, awesome, and grand.
  • El Hakkavod – The God of Glory, found in Psalm 29:3   Kavod means glory, weight and honor.
  • El Hakkadosh – The Holy God, found in Isaiah 5:16.  Kaddosh means sacred, holy, set apart, unique and one of a kind.
  • El Hashamayim – The God of the Heavens, found in Psalm 136:26; Shamayim refers to the abode or dwelling of God,which we call Heaven
  • El Chalyai – The God of my Life, Psalm 42:8  Apparently in Hebrew when speaking in the first person the pronoun ending is used for the word Chayim, or life
  • El Channun – The Gracious God,  Jonah 4:2  The word Chen is translated grace
  • El Yisrael – The God of Israel, Psalm 68:36
  • El Sali – The God of My Strength, Psalm 42:9  Sala is translated a cliff or crag of a rock in Hebrew, and used poetically like the Hebrew word Tzur, or Rock.
  • El Erekh Apayim avi ha-tachumim – The God of Patience and Consolation, as found in Romans 15:5 and Isaiah 57:18
  • El Rachum – The God of Compassion, as found in Deut 4:31.  Racham comes from Rechem, which means womb.
  • El Yeshuati – The God of My Salvation, found in Isaiah 12:2.  Other words for salvation are deliverance and victory.  This is a personal term, reflecting an individual’s name for God = Plural is El Yeshuatenu, as found in Psalm 68:19
  • El Kanno – The Jealous God (Many references in the old testament, including Exod 20:5, Numb 5:14, Josh 24:19, 1 King 19:10)  The hebrew suggests that God watches us lovingly and closely, like a faithful and passionate bridegroom watches over his beloved.
  • El Hannora – The Awesome God, Nehemiah 9:32
  • Immanuel – God is With Us (Isaiah 7:14),  Immanu is a preposition with a plural ending which speaks of the God who would be with his people.  El appears at the end of the title in this one case.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of God’s titles using El, or Mighty.  But it is my prayer that these titles will give you strength, encouragement and insight into the character of our great God.  Some of these titles are very personal, such as El Roim when the handmaiden slave of Moses escapes the wrath of his household when she is found to be pregnant and Sarah was enraged at this.  Living in a situation where the tension was that high must have been both stressful, and threatening to all of what Hagar knew as her life… servant, in the home of a wealthy family, kept with comfort, and working to keep her place… suddenly tossed out.  When God did intervene and meet her it was significant, monumental, life changing.  He saw her.  Just as he sees you and me.  It is personal.  His love is beyond our understanding.  He meets us at our point of need.




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