January 5- Benevolent

benevolentWhat better term could sum up the work and passion of our God.  He is highly organized, has a supreme plan, is totally holy, yet he yearns to do good for his creation, so much so that he would send his son to die for our sins.  He gives what we do not deserve.  The idea of a benevolent God is closely tied with the hebrew word “Hessed, or Chessed”, an act of Mercy – withholding that which we do not deserve in order to no just give, but lavish us with what we could never imagine paying for.  It is the act of a father who is guardian, protector and madly in love with his children.

Blessed and Benevolent Father, thank you for your great love, your deep wells of mercy and your unending Grace.  It is only through your power and plan that we will know redemption, and one day run into your arms, free of the sin scars of this life.  Blessed and Holy is your name.  May you be glorified always in our lives, and may we remember your rich heritage of giving. Amen



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