Calling and Influence

We each have a calling on our lives.  We have a specific purpose, a package of gifts and talents that, when yielded to God, bring an expansion of the kingdom.   We each have a life that touches people, makes connections that are specific, a sphere of influence that only is only fitting of one person.

What does my calling look like?  Probably different than yours. Probably unique, as is yours.  Unique because the life i live has exposure to a specific group of people, locations, groups, and philosophies.

No, we are not cookie cutters of each other. But lets start with the things that unite us and unite our calling:

  • We have each been called out of darkness, and into His marvelous light.  We have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Our lives are no longer our own.  Decisions, and what our life becomes must be layed before the Lord in much prayer, allowing Him to influence and change our plans.
  • We are called to be the witness of Jesus, called to share the love and grace we have found with the world through the good news of His Gospel.
  • We are to live seperated, sanctified and set apart for God’s use.  We should live differently from the world.

Now the difference comes through lessons of life experiences.  I resonate with 2 Corinthians 1 and Paul’s statement that we can comfort others in the way God has comforted us.  Our very life, the darkest moments, can be yielded to God as ministry, reaching back to others who are now in that dark place.  I love that.  There is an authenticity of giving the morsels you have found comfort from to someone who is going through what you have made it through.  It is a life validation of the lesson learned in the trenches.  I can speak to that one who is grieving deeply, because I have grieved deeply.

There are some people who will stretch far outside their experiences and work in ministry in areas foreign to their lives.  That is wonderful, but I can tell you it is not where God has me.  Ministry and calling must be vibrant and living testimoney of the salvation and redemption God has worked in my life.  How can i effectively help someone that is in a place i have never been?  I can love someone, encourage them, but i cannot understand, for example, the depth of pain and searing loss a mom feels miscarrying a baby.  My heart and my mind get it, but life experience says another mom who has lived it, and known the deep comfort of God on their life can speak so much more effectively about that deep pain and loss.

May we each find the calling God has on our lives, and may we allow God to expand our territory and use us to influence many as the kingdom of God grows.   May we each find someone to influence, to disciple.  And may we allow someone older in the faith grab our hand and disciple us.  For that is how we truely grow strong in our faith, our calling and our god.


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