January 12 – Ordered

When we look at everything around us… the stars, the sun, the way everything grows… each and every thing has an order that was assigned by God.  He is a god of order.  Today as I sat in worship, and reflected on everything the one word layed on my heart was order.

God assigned a place and purpose to everything… apple trees a re to produce wonderful fruit that keeps us healthy.  Clouds bring needed rain to refresh and water the earth.  The winter comes as a time of rest and refreshment from the work and toil of the growing season.

Like each thing in nature, we are also ordained to an order, a purpose and God has a plan for how we will be utilized in this life.

Are you in the zone where god has you?

  • Are you a stay at home mom raising your kids – you ar e in the zone
  • Are you a single woman working in the marketplace?  – go girl
  • Are you retired, and in the ministry of prayer and mentoring – ok

The only thing god asks of us is to yield to his authority, and out of that yielding will come the ministry and purpose of our lives.

“Lord, thank you for the gift of order – that every thing has a purpose and a place in this earth, and your scheme.  Here are our lives. We yield them to you and ask that you use them to bring Glory to Your Great Name.  amen


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