January 13 – Deliverer

Deliverer – one who brings another out of a situation or place.   One who moves another.

The bible is repleat with examples of how our great God has rescued, and removed his people from peril and persecution.  He led the Israelites from Egyptian bondage to the Red Sea, and then manifest his glory by opening the Red Sea so that the children of Israel could walk across dry sea bottom.  And he has done this over and over.

In my own life He has delivered me from a life of fear, and apprehension.  He has removed my feet from the quicksand of addiction, and given me firm footing on “the rock”.

What do we have to be delivered from?  The world, addiction, sin, greed, slouth, hatred, misunderstanding, unwillingness to forgive.  We were in a deep dark pit before salvation.  And it was our great God that transported us out of that place and into one that is filled with his hope and his presence.

Lord, thank you for your deliverance from the life of sin, and slavery to sin. Thank you that you have called us, and brought us out of that place.  May you forever be magnified for your great love and wisdom.  Thank you that this act of deliverance was once, and yet it is daily.  Amen


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