Our brother’s keepers

On my heart for the past few years has been the important need to care for and look after other people.   Sunday mornings in church are nice, but there is by no means the possibility of loving and caring for others as we ought.  it is in those quiet little times when time is of no importance, and what someone else is going through is center stage that we meet each others need for companionship, fellowship, mentoring and blessing.

Sharing the deep hurts and scars of life with others  must require a few pre-requisites.

1.  Trust

2. Confidentiality

3. A measure of faith

Sharing your deepest hearts cry, or that struggling pain in life with another human means that you need someone else to help you through. We all need someone else to love us, encourage us, strengthen us, and help us through.   But without confidentiality and trust there is no sharing.

God has put me in a place to hear the heart of a few people.   It is not an easy life for most people… the pain and struggle of living on this earth is real, palpable, and can wear us down.  If you are there to listen, do that.  Listen honestly with a heart of love, willing to pray to God for the clarity, the open door, the  change in the situation.  But hold that trust as sacred, taking every word carefully in, and to the Lord.

We are indeed in need of each other… that word of encouragement, that cheerleader, that authoritative lecture, that hug with no words, or sitting quietly without a word spoken.  Whatever the season, we need each other…. to grow stronger, to love more deeply, and to serve God more sincerely.

“Lord, I think of those many people you have blessed me to know. I bring their situations to you. Rejoicing over those good and wonderful things, Wheeping with grief over those gut wrenching places some are called to.  Thank you  that you have given us each other. May you watch over our relationships, and give us the right words to say or not.  May you use me today to be my brother or sister’s keeper.  Amen”


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