Jan 19-Abba

One of the most tender terms for a father in the Jewish household on the first century is reported to be Abba. Abba has been used by little ones wanting to be held closely by their father. In our day the word might be “Daddy”. It tender, personal, and so critical to our stability.

I chose this name today because it has been a week of waiting, asking for our basic needs and believing God would provide. And resting in the promises made by the bible….”if you ask your human father for a fish would he give you a snake? Or ask for a loaf of bread, would he give you a stone instead? (No, absolutely not). How much better is God. Trust him.

Abba was there in the middle of our request…..and yes, he answered with favor, and love and grace. He reminded us that he loves us tenderly, and honored our dependence on his good hand to provide.

“Abba, daddy, father, thank you that you know us, and you call us to remember your character is good, and your love is vast. Thank you for being good, and for opening up our eyes to see how you truest are always there, and will never forsake your children.


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