We need each other


How very isolated we can become from one another… giving heed to things that are not true, denying the blessings of friendship, of sisterhood, of life.

I confess that there have been times in my life when I listened to the lies, and hid away in my home, far from the world, and people.  I am an introvert by nature, and less likely to appreciate the many differences of personality, opinion, and thought in general.

But the Lord does not call us to isolate.  He reminds us that we are indeed our brother’s keeper. While He is the lifter of our head, the healer of our heart, the redeemer of our life, and the lover of our soul, he calls us to allow his spirit to live through us.  In allowing the spirit to flow, we love others with not our own strength, but the love of God.  We reach out and encourage those who need it, friend the friendless, love the unlovely.  And in Jesus name we take back the world from the ravages of lies, of isolation, of discouragement and defeat.

we need each other for strength… Like scenes from a nature show, we need to be around each other, pray for each other, and if you a re truely blessed, find others you can bear your soul to.. trustworthy women, good friends, faithful followers of christ.  It is in this amazing setting that our hearts grow stronger, our weaknessed melt away and prayer points us all right back to the lover of our souls.

It is my prayer that you have someone that you can say is trustworthy, and able to bring you back to the lord, pray for you, love you, as you do that same thing for them.



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