Refining Process


I started a book written my Lena Abujamra, an ER pediatric doctor, writer, speaker and intense follower of Jesus and wow, it is insightful. Her book is titled “Stripped -WhenGod’s call turns from Yes! To Why Me?”
If the title did not deter you, the read will encourage and strengthen you.

Stripped refers to a process where god allows things to be taken away from your life to show you his great character, to refocus your relationship and to give you purpose. Powerful and true, the book opens with a quote by A W Tozer.

“It is doubtful God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt a man deeply.”

It is very dangerous to open up and yield our life to God knowing this will initiate a refining process, working in our hearts yo conform us to the image of Christ. But the reward of knowing Him deeper, seeing his provision in greater ways, and understanding his plan for my life more outweighs all.

Today I am realizing that the process of being refined like silver, having the impurity (dross) burned off has a pain factor. And I am learning the journey does not remain in the pain. He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.

Lord, here I am, yielding the fragments of this life to you. I thank you that you have a plan for this life, and a desire to refine me so that I will be like pure silver. Help me to look to you, to follow your hand every step of the journey. I confess I am hungry to grow, yet apprehensive of pain. In you is the promise of eternity, of life, of hope and of joy. Refine me, use me, be glorified in this life of mine. Amen


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