Do you have dreams?

Dreams, or aspirations for your life, your family, your education, your career, your future…. We all begin our lives growing into a life that is not just happenstance, but one that is directed with purpose and intention.

What are the dreams you have for your life?  Have you ever written them down?  And more importantly have you ever taken that written list and layed it down before the Lord and asked him to filter and show you what His plan is for your life?

I listened to a webcast on saturday afternoon that reminded me again how needful this exercise is to my life, and the hopes of the future.  The speaker reminded us that dreams are often God given, and there are things each of us is uniquely gifted to do which will impact our world in a powerful way.

So here is the exercise.  Take a piece of paper, or a page of a notebook, divide it in half.  Be still, and quiet, and honestly write down the dreams you have for your life.


Take that list of dreams, and lay it before the Lord, and quietly ask Him what His dreams are for your life, and how He would like to use this list in your life.  Pray, and seek the Lord for the answers.  Be willing to be quiet, and still and look for the answers.

But do one more thing…. keep this list someplace safe, and check back at 6 months, a year, 2 years later.  Watch as the dreams come to fruition.  Dreams are a start, they are a gift from God to spur you on to good works, and to great things for the glory of His name.


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