Propitiation! It is a big word, with big meaning. It is a key point of understanding the gospel. Simply it is “turning away from wrath by an offering.” God, angry because of the introduction of sin needs to satisfy his wrath. When Adam and Eve succumbed to the lies of satan this perfect world God created and pronounced good was scarred. Death came to a perfect creation. And death required death to satisfy God’s anger. The gauntlet was thrown down and satan marred what God said was good. The rules of engagement for this war is the requirement of blood. So an animal was killed to cover Adam and Eve from their nakedness.

Through the Old Testament countless animals were sacrificed to satisfy gods wrath, but that was a temporary solution. The satisfaction of Gods wrath came with the death of his son Jesus, on the cross, beaten and bruised. Son of God, sinless, became every sin, EVERY SIN! Your sin, my sin. Can you imagine perfect God coming down to earth, pitching his tent and living among us yet without sin. Sinless and holy, Jesus would become that “propitiation” for the wrath of God. He would endure the torture and beating, bruising, crushing, intense anguish to carry our sins on his shoulders. Nailed to a cross he hung in plain view for the world to see. And he died. Sinless, perfect, holy God looked away from his son when he died on that cross. The deepest pain, offering his one and only son to bear the penalty…satisfied it all. Paid in full.

Propitiation- debt cancelled, God’s wrath satisfied….it is a powerful essential for every believer. The guilty verdict that hangs over every person is removed- paid in full.

I found this video and showed it to our teens. It is clear, concise… It is propitiation.

Here is the link.


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