The power of words

Words… Whether spoken or written carry a power, an authority, a message.

God has used writing to help me flesh out thoughts. And to refine my writing skills. I must tell you that I have not realized the audience or the perception that has traveled out with this blog.

Today, amidst a sermon about forgiveness I learned how a few posts were interpreted in a different way than intended. I was fleshing out a few things but the impact was challengingly misinterpreted and brought division.

For that I ask your forgiveness.

And I ask you to hold me accountable to a few rules:
1. My writing must always honor god
2. My writing must respect others, and respect differing opinions.
3. Offer Encourage
4. Educate others, without sounding like just head knowledge
5. Develop a deeper sense of faith
6. Foster God’s grace
7. Be always honest

“Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you. May the words I write glorify you, and unify your people. Amen”


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