What do you do when…

What do you do when God gives you vision, burns something deep in your soul. What do you do with that clear leading?
1. Do you shelter the thought, guard it, build it, grow it like a hot house orchid, babied in the perfect humidity, light and perfect amount of heat. Orchids can be beautiful, but they do best held in their special world.
2. Do you build your thought, and share it with someone for clarity? It’s a slow build, swayed and altered by those around you who want to add their thoughts to the mix.
3. Or do you step out of your prayer closet and throw your thoughts out there to leadership knowing full well they came right from God. You spent time testing this, fighting it, wrestling and agonizing over it.
4. Or the other option…ignore it completely.

Jeremiah was a prophet called by God, given a task to speak Gods word to a stiff necked people who would not listen to him. In fact God clearly told Jeremiah that he would have such a difficult future.

Can you imagine being given a burden to complete, and no option to see it fulfilled? We are a results oriented people, longing for instant response, and mutual understanding. Waiting, obeying what God has called you to when those around you think you lost your last mind is not easy. But it is honest, clear, true.

Jeremiah never saw fruit for his faithful service. But he clearly knew God’s blessing on his life.

In my read through Jeremiah again this year I hound myself asking hard questions:

– what if God called me to deliver a message that falls on deaf ears? Could God trust me to obey and follow through?
– How did Jeremiah remain so strong, so determined? Would God keep my focus like that?
– would I still be able to love God’s people even if they refused to turn from sin and instead they remained disobedient?
– could I remain faithful if I were the only one standing for God?

These are all valid thoughts for Christians living in this post Christian age. It is getting more challenging to live for Jesus when the rest of the world runs headlong into sin and confusion.

lord, you know the plans you have for us and those plans are good. You will not cast us into places that your watch care will not be. We come, yielding our hearts to you and ask nothing more than that you receive our praise, and that you order our steps. How you choose to do that is not my concern. Be glorified. Take your place as king, and lead with a gentle hand.</


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