What on earth?

War is real.  Yes, in Afghanistan there is still a war going on, but i am talking about right here and right now.

In this Christian life the more we yield to God, surrender our lives, yield the future, the present, or any area of this existance we need to know the enemy is right there.  He is a master of determining how to discourage, thwart, disable or destroy believers.  Yes, right here and right now he is probably telling you “ah, that might be exagerated”.  He is a liar.  He is defeated, and he knows his time is short, so he is going to strive to do as much damage as he can before the end comes.

So what can believers do to arm ourselves?

1. Read, Learn, Study and Grow in the knowledge of God’s word

2. Reflect always on the character of God – kind, loving, healer, redeemer, life giver, salvation, beginning and the end, the bright and morning star, the lamb, the good shepherd…. the list can go on  and on…. every name or title of Jesus is another aspect of how he cares and looks after his own.

3. Call every thought that opposes God out, and take it prisoner to Jesus Christ.  Thoughts are the place it all starts.  If it is not encouraging, edifying, or redeeming then it is in opposition to God – dont let it sink in, give it over to Jesus.

4. Speak scripture to each other.

5. By the authority of Jesus call out the lie, tell it to flee.

6. Find other believers to pray with, and be accountable to .

In military situations there are always a few people sent out together… buddy up… find other like minded believers to walk through this life together with.  Establish a trustworthiness, that you can share your heart without fear, and that you have each other’s heart and back in prayer before the father.

Until we get to heaven we will face battles, and the war can grow very palpable.  it is only when we share the fight together we can see Jesus defeat the enemy, and build his church.  We need each other – we need to be reminded daily we are not alone in this fight.


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