REpost: Death of a vision

I follow a number of blogs, and one that is always spot on is “TGIF: Today God is First” written by Oz Hillman.  Oz has sensed the call to minister to the marketplace, and call Christians to redeem their work life for the glory of God.  His daily devotion came from a season in his life where much of his world crashed down on him.  God, in his grace, had a different plan for his life.  He called Oz to this new direction, to speak life to the business world, to rally men and women of God in living out their christian principles in the business world.  And his leadership in this area has been a watershed of great movement of God’s Spirit.  But it all starts with the death of a vision.

Vision is personal.  yet it is a gift from God for his kingdom.  Vision is calling to obedience, aligning will, mind, strength and purpose to follow the calling.  Here is a repost of his daily devotion on the death of a vision.  Like a seed in the ground must die before it breathes new life, visions must die too.


If you would like to visit his website, or sign up for a daily devotional please go to



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