Remembering an injustice

Having been raised as the daughter of 1st generation Americans of Russian decent I have always been fascinated by Russian History.  And especially I was and remain interested in the history of the ruling monarchs of Russia.  And of the tragic end of the last Czar of Russia, Nicholas II along with his wife, daughters and son.

Today, July 17th, marks the 96th anniversary of the horrible execution of the last monarch and his family.Nicholas and Alexandra raised 4 beautiful daughters – Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, and 1 son, the heir of the throne, Alexi.  Alexandra, was the daughter of the House of Hesse, and grand daughter of Queen Victoria of England.  Nicholas was first cousin to the house of Windsor.  And the Romanov family ruled Russia with power and an opulence few would ever see that mirrored the barons of industry.  Sadly, they lived in a turbulent age, with growing unrest, the growing rebellion of citizens who had given heed to the voice of communism, or had grown weak because of lack of jobs, or food.  For such an age, the Romanovs became pawns of civil war, and on this day in 1918 they were executed in an old home in Ekaterina, Siberia where they were exiled as prisoners.

So today I want to remember their legacy, and the great loss that the world suffered at the hands of the communist experiment that was the overthrow of the monarchy.  How tragic, and what potential was lost.


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