responsible citizen activity


For the last week or two the buzz on christian radio has been instructive reminders about our role as citizens in a free republic known as the United States. Yes, indeed it is incredibly important to exercise our right to vote, and to express our opinion on how the nation, state, and community will go forward. I have voted every time the opportunity has existed… since i turned 18 years old. Voting was something my parents impressed on me as a child, and i am so thankful that they did.

My masters degree in Public Administration helped to refine that right into a passion. We are given a rare privelege to be able to participate in the decision making process of who will govern us, and what they can and will do. And when the majority has voted, the society is stronger.

Did you know that last year in Cuyahoga county only 30% of registered voters actually exercised their right and voted? That is less than 1/3 of all registered voters in the county. Here are some amazing details about that vote from the Cuyahoga County Board of Election:


In order to get a bigger picture we need to figure out how many people actually live in our county and of that number how many are actually of age to vote.


A quick calculation taking into consideration the 2013 population, minus the 21.7% which are persons under 18 years old gives a number of total possible voters.  However there is a gap between population and registered voters of a bit over 10% of eligible persons not registered to vote.

censtat                                                                                            If you study all of these figures carefully the bottom line is that less than 1/3 of registered voters actually vote, make decisions and direct the course of our nation, and municipality.  That is quite unsettling.


But there is another problem.  Its wonderful for radio to speak up and urge people to vote… but what about registering to vote?  That process would have concluded a few weeks before the election occurs… so there should have been a more vigorious push to get every eligible adult registered to vote long before the onslaught of political ads, and commentary began.

Government exists to keep order in our society.  When we relegate the decisions to a minority percentage of our society we dont have the full voice.  And those who choose not to vote are forgoing the right to this freedom.


And do you do your homework to determine best possible candidate who holds solid values?  I do.  The league of women voters offers a non partisan guide to the candidates. also offers a guide that will help you understand the character of candidates.  Do your homework!

Fact- in the 2012 election cuyahoga county voters cast the majority vote to place a woman back in her position as judge… however she was involved in the Jimmy Dimora controvery, and had been endited forfederal charges.  She won the election.   Someone did not do their homework!


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