I am a life long resident of Northeastern Ohio. I am married 33 years, and share my life with Steve who is an amazing, brilliant and very talented man. We share our home with 2 beagles – Miss Samantha and Rascal, as well as a terriorist named Daisy. I hold a bachelors degree in Sociology with special interest in Criminology and a Masters Degree in Public Administration with concentraion on Public Health Care Management.
Loved the education but not using it currently.

I am a 2nd generation American of Russian descent (on both sides), Mom is the woman on the left in the picture above. This picture was taken at the 1949 World’s Fair in New York City. Mom grew up outside of Pittsburg, PA and Dad was a native Clevelander. After their marriage they were life long residents of Old Brooklyn, on Cleveland’s West Side.

My only regret about childhood was that I did not learn enough Russian to really converse. My parents, and people of their generation spoke the language when they did not want me to know what they were talking about. They taught me how to convey the practical things you need be a good granddaughter… asking grandma for a hug or kiss, or how to make the dog dance with russian commands. Like all kids exposed to another language I learned some things I should not, and figured out what other phrases meant. But could I sit down and have a heart to heart with grandma in her heart language? Not at all.

I have a wonderful husband who loves to cook and spoils me regularly with his culinary expertise. I love being married, and sharing my life with him. Together we really enjoy traveling. Several other passions include:
– cooking (and reading cooking blogs, watching cooking shows)
– baking
– artistic endeavors (like painting, and silk painting)
– craft projects (like crocheting bags out of plarn)
– cultural endeavors – music, theatre, ballet, dance, jazz
– music – almost any kind of music (with a few exceptions)
– writing – I know there is at least one book inside my mind… but I just have to coax it out.
– and i love people.

I have a strong sense of faith in God, which helps me to enjoy everything else much more. My husband and I have made Grace Old Brooklyn CMA our church home, and we are settling into the loving community there.

I am glad you are visiting. Stop back occassionally, or feel free to add your comments.


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