My bucket list

Perhaps it is the over 50 thing that has heightened my sensitivity to aging, and to consider a list of things I want to do before my life ends… Here goes:

– I want to learn at least one more language, and be able to think in it, speak it fluently, and even consider writing in it. My goal was to learn at least 4 languages before I die. I have spoken German, some spanish, and a smathering of Russian…..

– I want to see Europe and drink in the sights and sounds of some of the largest cities: – Paris, Rome, Vienna, London, Munich, Barcelona.

– I want to see the Hermatage museum in St Petersburg, Russia and the Louvre in Paris.

– I want to complete at least one book and get it published. I have at least 5 scraps of manuscript in my head and in various states of work on my pc.

– I want to learn how to blow glass… the pipe, the hot glory hole, the molten glass, and all. I think inside me there is a glass artist crying to come out.

– I want to learn how to weld… yes, weld… ascetaline torch and all. I have been so fascinated with people making garden sculptures out of common metal objects… and have thought “i can do that”

– I want to visit at least one of the former death camps of Nazi German occupation, like Auschwitz… to sense the immense tragedy of cruel and sadistic behavior and to pay my respects… and remember!

– I want to fit that size 10 black dress, with the stilleto heels and the long strand of crispy white pearls. (ok, that is a stretch, but it is on the list)

– I want to see the big island of Hawaii, and stroll the beach front of Kona with the gentle trade winds blowing, and my love at my side.

– To start a business that is successful, profitable and productive. I want to know that my businss is an economic generator that puts others to work. That said, I would promise to be a fair employer.  <-update – Business is almost 4 years old, and growing… We are able to support one person’s full time wage at this point, and growing.

– To savor an expensive truffle (not the chocolate one, but the fungus) just to see what all the flap is about.

– To completely rehab our kitchen and make it the center of our home and it should be….

– To attend sommelier school, and graduate… I think I have a good palate for food paring with wines, but I just don;t know wine that well to feel confident. And there is a school right here in Cleveland!!!

– To visit the home villiage of my grandparents, which is somewhere on the border of Poland and Russia. This is one that will probably not happen because their villages were destroyed in WWI.

– To fly to Greece, and sail the greek islands for a month, feasting on feta cheese and greek wonderfulness, soaking up the sun, the culture, the life..

– To travel to asia – China, Singapore, Vietnam – and see the beauty and vastness of these places.

– To see Cape Cod – during the summer, with a private beach and quiet cabin.

– To live in Ashville, NC and be a part of the art scene there.

– To be able to help someone afford college… mentor them and pay their way.  I was blessed to have afforded undergrad and graduate school, and believe education is critical to rounding out development of your brain, and opens your eyes to the vastness of our world.

– To see North Africa, walk the market of Marakesh, see the great pyramids of Egypt, smell the spices of the Tunesian markets, and eat food cooked on a Tanjet.

– To raise chickens and have bee hives… yes, they go together in a symbiotic relationship.

– To have at least 3 good friends that i could trust my very life with… <– the lord is good, i believe he has answered this prayer.

– To see my family all come to saving knowledge of Jesus, and see his work changing their lives, healing the wounds, rebuilding the hot mess.

– To be known and respected as an artist <– Blessed to have been juried into some wonderful events by brilliant organizations.

– To get enough sleep to not feel like every day is filled with times of exhaustion.



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