God, Fellowship, Faithfulness and Sisterhood

When God is on the move there is nothing that will stop the work he wants to do.  I have always believed that.  I have always longed to live in the early church new testament power of God to change lives, rebuild homes, strengthen relationships and transform a culture.

God has not changed, though decades and centuries have passed.  God is still moving in powerful ways throughout our world, seeking faithful people who are willing to yield their hearts, minds and souls to him.

Knowing God has not changed, perhaps it is us as a people that have become dull to his leading, prompting, and authority.  But when he awakens our spirits there is an energy, enthusiasm and new fresh sense of life that envigorates us deep to our core.  I love watching that happen in my own life, and how much more of a joy when you watch radical transformations occur right before your eyes.

Several months ago six women agreed to meet and work through a book – not the bible, but a book that uses biblical concepts, and unravels the mysteries of the female soul.  And something interesting has begun to happen… we have begun to seek god deeper, hunger in greater ways for answers to those deep issues, and God has begun to reveal his plan to heal us of the past, make us whole and reinvigorate us for the purpose he called us to.

I must confess that most of my life i could probably count on one hand people i would call a friend, let alone have a deep friendship that moves toward sisterhood.  There are those rare individuals that God has allowed in my life – we dont see each other for years, but when we do the relationship picks up right where we left off..  These are people you could trust your very soul with.  I am an only child and for years blamed that as the reason i was slow to make friends.  But the truth was it only took one betrayal of trust, one crushing blow of a loose lipped person to dismantle my capacity to believe in safety and honest protection of a sisterhood.  I spent many years believing everyone had to show me that they were trustworthy.  That’s not fair either.  But this time we started our praying… seeking God to be in the middle of the group, and to guard each of us, and the confidences given.  There is a profound sense of wanting this safe space, a haven to gather, to laugh, or cry, to bear each others soul… knowing we will uplift each other, pray hard for the needs, and trust God for what is beyond our capacity.

The book we are working through spoke of how in generations past women worked side by side… there was a closeness that came from sharing life, sharing work, sharing responsibilities.  And much of this  sisterhood has been lost to a fast paced, fractured life of this modern age.  Thankfully every tuesday the sisterhood comes back together, and we are also finding our friendships growing as we lean into God, and allow him to build his kingdom through us.