2016, the year ahead

We are all focused on turning the page, opening a new year, new calendar, making resolutions, or promises, or going through the motions to start off on a fresh and new adventure…. and yes, i share that odd sense of needing a fresh start, a new year, and a new sense of direction.  But why are we like that?  There is nothing inherently different between December 31st and January 1… yet we build our mind sets around this being a quantum leap from old to new.

So what do i think about this emphasis on a new year/new start?  I think life can be very challenging and uncertain.  We each deal with joy and grief, wins and losses.  Some years are filled to the brim with blessings, and other years feel like they took everything we had, and then some to drag across that demarcation mark of the end of a year.

Our lives wear us down, and slowly erode a sense of hope.  Placing emphasis on a new year, and a fresh start means a new chance to live, a new opportunity to change something that has been impossible to live with, or a clean break from a mindset that has held us in shackles.

So as i greeted 2016 with its uncertainty thee was a fresh sense of hope for a wonderful year.  Will i loose those XX pounds?  Will this be a year when amazing things occur?  Whatever life will bring, i will choose to hope for the best, and attempt to practice something that can always improve…. Here is my list of thoughts and things that I will keep in positive light, no matter what comes:

  • I will smile, and thank God for each breath, each moment, each opportunity in life
  • I will choose to not lean onto my own opinions of life, or situations because perception can be skewed.
  • I will choose to forgive, to give grace, and find ways of living with those who are difficult, challenging, frustrating.
  • I will choose my words carefully, and try to filter my speech with love, concern and ask for wisdom when i have no clue.
  • I will choose to thank God for the hard times, the challenges that can be almost soul crushing, because this is the stuff that builds character.
  • I will choose to thank God for his provision, and pay no attention to the rest of the world, being grateful and blessed that my needs are met.
  • I will choose to passionately pursue Jesus, spending more time reading, studying, and growing.
  • I acknowledge life is often out of my control, and will accept that fact, knowing that God holds my life, and my future in his care.

This is the closest to resolutions i will make.  A new year is exactly that… a fresh run at life…. regrouping, reorganizing, moving forward with a new sense of hope and vigor.

It is my heart felt wish that your new year will be filled with blessing, health and prosperity.  i do resolve to write daily on this blog…