What I Believe

In September of 1986 life went through a turbulence, and I found myself searching for answers, for clarity, for hope.  I had been raised going to church, but all those years from birth to 1986 were filled with religion.  On a still and quiet  Tuesday night  in mid September I discovered that God is alive, and he desires to have a relationship with me.  For the first time in my life I was drawn to the Bible, and realized how utterly helpless I was apart from God.  In the quiet of my spare bedroom somewhere in the middle of the night I knelt down and told God I need to know Him, confessed my sinful life, and asked Him to save me from it.  And he did.  Time has passed and my faith has grown stronger as my relationship with God has become deeper.  As I have grown in my understanding and knowledge of Jesus I have also experienced times in my life where he was the only thing holding me together.  At the loss of all income, and the difficult search for a new job He was there, providing in miraculous ways.  During the gut wrenching times of grief and loss of parents He was there.  And in the seasons of life i walk through He remains there.  As a declaration of my faith I list here key doctrine I believe:

  • God is Trinity – God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • Man is sinful – In the garden of Eden man disobeyed God, introducing sin to the world. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve we live with the scar of sin
  • Sin requires a price – A blood sacrifice
  • God sent his son, Jesus, to be a man
  • Jesus was born of a virgin birth
  • Jesus is fully God, fully man
  • Jesus died on a cross to pay the penalty of our sin
  • Jesus rose from the dead, and he is alive today
  • He sent his Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us
  • The Bible is God’s Inspired Word, Breath of God

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